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Residential Moving

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House movers Seattle

Are you planning a relocation? There are endless boxes, packaging, worries about furniture. Removal is usually complicated and takes a high effort from all participants. Just get a light free-stress move from us instead. Free yourself from all that mess. Our residential movers in Seattle are open to requests.
Since 2015, we’ve completed more than 1’000 removals. We’ve received a lot of appreciating feedback from our clients and got five stars rating on Google and other services.


Our Features

Usually, a relocation turns to be a bothering deal for homeowners. There are so many essential things not to forget that everyone can get confused. With Seattle Moving Services, residential moving becomes both cheap and professional. We eliminate worries and manage every step of the process so stress won’t touch you. Packing, planning, assembling — we take it all upon ourselves.


The main goal of Seattle house movers is to deliver your item 100% safe and in perfect condition. That is what we do with every order. Our team treats all your items carefully and unloads them as they were at the point of destination, with no scratches, chips, or lost pieces. Every object is loaded and fixated securely, so not even tiny cups will break. We list all the things transported, not to forget anything for sure.

Load & Unload

We control the process from ordering to putting posters on walls. That involves preparing works such as disassembling furnishing, rolling carpets, packing things into boxes, and then loading them carefully into the truck. Then, we transport them accurately with a qualified driver. Finally, we get all things out of the wrapping and assemble everything again. Our drivers choose the fastest and the plainest way every time.

Sanitary Control

House Moving Seattle Services’ team understands the risks of removal during the Covid-19 pandemic. 2020 showed us all the features and difficulties of working in these conditions. We care strongly both about our movers and clients and take steps of protection.
• Ill monitoring;
• Necessary masks, gloves, and other ways of protection;
• Washing transport and cleansing drivers’ cabins’;
• Following all WHO & CDC recommendations.
We strive to sanitize all parts as possible. The process of transporting will be not only comfortable but also safe.

Professional Packing

It is a sensitive point for every removal. Whether you are moving to a neighborhood street or across the city, all items require tight and reliable packing. Often, clients must complete these works personally or repack after the workers. Not with us. Every part of the furnishing and crockery is wrapped reliably and placed in order. Packs fit items, all necessary things matched and listed, so it will be simple to find them after removal. For specialty items, such as TVs and technical equipment, our Seattle apartment movers give specific attention and wrap them as their specifics require.

Strict Planning

Managing is everything. Every our order prooves that perfectly. For every case, we make a plan of works. Managing not only helps us but also saves your nerves and time on guiding movers in the process.

Everything starts from planning. We find out:

• how many things do you need to carry;
• are there any crucial details;
• how much time do you have to complete a removal.

Then, we create a schedule and follow it.
The result? A move completed on schedule without any mess or worries. You see the process and understand it fully. We make plans & checklists for workers, so they track the process too.

Budgeting In Order

Often clients get an upsetting surprise with their bill after completing removal. We never do such a thing. Qualified services can be cheap with our company. A contract and the bill are counted and named before we start a process. For different abilities, there are various offers, so you’ll find a suitable variant. We tell all prices, so the final bill is fully transparent. You pay after all works get done — all clear.

Another thing we provide is the bill of lading. It is an official contract to ensure you that we will do everything right. With that document, you see that all things will safely arrive at the destination. For better control, you can connect the driver or someone from the team while on the go.

Range Of Transport

Our residential moving company in Seattle owns a fleet of trucks for big & small removals. There are vehicles for any number of things and residence size.

• Small 16’ trucks for a one-bedroom apartment or a studio flat;
• Medium 22’ trucks are suitable for a house with one big bedroom or three small bedrooms;
• Big 26’ trucks for more than three-bedroom houses’ removals.

You can ask for an appropriate type or ask or describe your situation to managers. They’ll advise on which one would fit better. We clean vehicles before and after every order, so your furnishing won’t get dirty.

Other Services To Take Into Account

Household moving in Seattle is not the only service we perform. Also, you can ask us about Commercial Moving in Seattle. Whether it is a shop or an office, we have something to offer. With suitable transport and professional movers, the relocation will be both fast and affordable.

If you are ready to move, then fill in the booking form. Match all necessary details and wait for the call. We’ll clarify all moments with you and start scheduling a removal. Go straight to a bright future with our stress-free move!

None cup is broken!

Keep calm! Your belongings are in good hands. Seattle Moving Services will take out insurance for your property. Even grandma's favorite set will remain safe and sound.

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