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The process of moving

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Moving from one place to another is a bothersome and messy deal. It includes many stressful and unclear steps, and, which is frightening, all of them are must-do. It is so easy to mess up! If you are preparing for a DIY-moving, don’t miss our next article on this topic!

But there is a way to simplify it — just hire Seattle house movers who will do all the job. Still, that way has its specifics. How will a contractor act, and what should a client do? We’ve prepared a guide to move and explained all stages.

Step 1 – Preparations

The day when you put stuff into a truck and go is the easiest. Much more time you will spend on getting ready. If you are wondering how early I should start preparing to move, the answer is a few months.

And, if you want everything to be smooth, think of how to start preparing for moving in detail. As you may expect, the process includes more complicated parts than just throwing items into boxes. We describe essentials that will save you time, money, and nerves in advance.

Information Issues

One of the first steps to take when preparing for a move is to transfer your utilities. You should notify utility companies as early as possible. Usually, it takes time for them to switch. Also, you should fill out a change of address form. To make it faster and safer, fill everything online. Use a credit card with your current address as a billing one.

Measuring Everything

Yeah, measure everything. Be sure that your furnishing and other belongings will fit your new place. If they do not, care about selling unsuitable ones and buying fitting others. Here is why you must think of it a few months before moving to a new house.

Getting Rid Of Stuff

Is it necessary to take an old broken sofa to a new home? When you start packing items, you’ll find many useless ones. So don’t wait until the last minute and think of them before. Divide stuff and furniture into categories:

  • ‘nice condition’;
  • ‘too old’;
  • ‘almost brand-new’

Then get rid of the ones you are not going to use. Start selling or recycling them. It will save you a significant amount of time and money. If you wonder how to plan a move to another city, it becomes essential because of the far distance. Also, think of repairing things you are going to use further.

Step 2 – Packing & Preparing Furnishing

When everything is ready, the date gets closer, a packing stage starts. With a hired company, you are doing significantly less work. Still, there are things to care about.

Think Of Daily Needs

You’ll probably be exhausted after finishing a relocation. So, there will be no energy to search for the toothbrush, fresh t-shirt, and all things like that. Make a list of things you’ll need in the first few days before unpacking all boxes. It may include:

  • toothbrush and toothpaste;
  • a change of clothes;
  • a shower gel;
  • a snack;
  • a pillow for the neck;
  • a sleeping mask;

Put chosen pieces in a backpack and take them with you. There are just some ideas to make you feel more cozy and comfortable.

Sort And Put Things Into Boxes

A moving company helps you with transportation, furniture, and other things, but it does not touch your belongings. You must care about them by yourself. Find out the proper order to put items without a mess.

It is a common practice to sort things like ‘room by room’, but it is not the on;y one. Try mixing to save time and place. For example, combine all dishes, pillows with blankets, summer clothes, etc. Or put everything together by weight. After you finish, label boxes to escape the mess.

What About Furnishing?

Disassembling and packing furniture is the responsibility of the movers you hire. It simplifies moving and makes it safer. You know for sure that every part arrives in perfect condition. Responsible movers guarantee they will not break your luggage and write it in the agreement. One action you can do is cleaning and washing the furnishings before disassembling starts. It makes work much more pleasant.

Professional Packing

Skilled packers help clients with carrying fragile belongings. For electronics, such as home entertainment systems, TVs, refrigerators, etc., such help is necessary.

Packers come with all required equipment:

  • two-wheel dollies for replacing boxes;
  • four-wheel dollies to move larger objects;
  • neoprene mats to protect floors from scratching;
  • shrink wrap to leave wooden items safe;
  • soft packing materials not to crack ceramics.

It is just an example, and the list may include other positions.

What you need to know is that movers are fully responsible for your belongings’ safety. They will do everything to escape problems, and you can simply control the process.

Another great thing is that you care less about managing. It takes a lot of nerves when done personally. With DIY moving, you’ll probably use software for inventory and spend a big deal of time sorting. With pros, they take it all upon themselves.

Step 3 – Transportation Process

Congrats! This day is finally here. After such long and detailed preparations, it will be the easiest step in relocating to another city or the next street. Still, you may want to know how hired movers work.

Loading The Truck

When everything is wrapped and packed, movers place furniture and boxes inside. They protect belongings on the road as well. It is essential to eliminate bouncing and box shifting. A crew will even use tie-down to stabilize layers of boxes.

Seattle moving services work with experienced drivers who transport belongings carefully. A local contractor with skills will help you. By knowing the shortest ways, they’ll minimize time spent and increase safety.

On The Road

It is the easiest step for you now. Just watch how a company loads and starts driving. In the process, you can contact the crew by phone, just in case. With a trustworthy contractor, you’ll always know where your property is. Now you may head for a new house or flat and wait for a team here.

Step 4 – In The New House

Here you end the process of moving. Even though you weren’t doing this alone, it wasn’t easy. When movers arrive, show them where to place heavy electronics such as refrigerators. Also, mark where you want sofas and cupboards to be.

They’ll assemble furnishing with instruments they bring:

  • various screwdrivers;
  • wrenches;
  • a cordless drill.

You’ll be able to sleep comfortably on your bed and put clothes into a dresser because everything will be reassembled right after arriving.

Even if you cleaned the property before going, it is going to be dirty again. If you don’t want to sneeze and cough for a week after, just wipe everything slightly. There will be tons of used paper, boxes, and plastic when you finish. Recycle and dispose of it all properly.

The last piece of advice will be about cluttering. There will be a mess for sure. Even though movers help you, some entrances can suddenly become cluttered. Watch out not to close doors to closets and far rooms by stuff.

And now cheer up! You’ve finished such a long and complicated deal. Hope our relocation planning guide was informative and helped to simplify your preparations. Continue reading the blog to learn more about how to move easily.

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