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Cheap movers Seattle

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Cheap Movers in Seattle — Should You Hire Them?

While moving to another residence, owners frequently search for cheap moving services in Seattle. However, low-price variants turn out to be expensive. We explain the reasons and hidden problems of cheap moving services.

Find out how to make your move stress-free and escape problems with our tips. 

Why Movers Offer Low Price?

When you see an extremely low price on moving services, be careful. Something stays untold, and you should think about the reason for such an economy. However, it can be unsafe or expensive in many ways.

Not All Fees Are Named

It is a popular practice among unreliable contractors. They name incredibly low prices, get you an estimate, and then… you find out what you exactly will pay for. For example, they only tell transportation costs, while other expenses such as packing, moving items in the truck and out, assembling furnishing will cost more. 

In the best way, you will know about it before signing an agreement. On the other side, movers will tell you all of this when paying time comes. There can be even a scarier case when they just put your belongings in the truck and… leave. Then they call you and ask for money, and they won’t return your items earlier. Fortunately, it is a rare thing to happen, but you should still read an agreement precisely.

No License And Insurance

Nowadays, it becomes rare, but it is still a popular way of cheating. Some movers don’t register their company and don’t pay certain fees to the government and insurer. They cannot promise you a safe move, and their actions are not protected by the law. 

It is the same thing as asking your friend to complete a move, but you deal with actual strangers. If they will break your belongings, there is no guarantee of paying back.

They Are New In This Business

In some cases, a new cheap local mover lowers its prices to attract first clients. It will be easy to detect such a company, and they are telling that fairly. Sometimes it is a nice chance to save. Still, they can be incompetent in timing, packing, and solving sudden problems.

Here Is Why Expensive Companies Offer Their Prices

Our services are not the cheapest ones and for a good reason. We never save on quality and our clients’ comfort. So what do expensive companies provide?


We include all moving works in one pack. It saves your time on searching for different contractors and completing something by yourself. Also, it lets us guarantee the quality of every step. Our packs include:

  • Packing items in the suitable wrapping, so they will travel unharmed.
  • Transporting them most shortly and safely. We’ve lived in Seattle for many years, so you can trust us with it.
  • Disassembling and reassembling furniture. We divide big items into details and make sure they are working correctly in the new place.

These are basic functions, and they make a move safe and guaranteed.

License And Insurance

Official documents support all our actions. We have a license and insure our transportations. For our clients, we provide bills of lading. Make sure you have this document from a contractor you work with! Every reliable company will estimate fairly and work under an agreement only.


Safety and trust and everything. We support it on a few levels.

  1. Skilled drivers are delivering your belongings carefully, and movers treat them like their own.
  2. You can call our team in the moving process, any time. You will always know where your items are. If you are moving far, this function will be super-useful.
  3. Sanitary safety is essential in 2021. Both movers and clients must be protected. We provide our workers with musks, gloves, and sanitizers. We control the number of ill people and keep checking body temperature. We clean our trucks properly after every order.


Hope our guide helped you with choosing a contractor! Don’t risk while hiring the cheapest movers in Seattle in order not to pay twice in forward.

Read our blog for more moving tips and leave requests to receive free estimates.

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