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Commercial Moving Seattle

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Commercial Movers in Seattle

Is your office or shop moving to another location? As one of the best Seattle office movers, we appreciate your time’s cost. Our movers are skilled to complete a removal of any difficulty level in the shortest time. Why rushing, spending time and money, and being nervous? Just get yourself a stress-free move with us.


Our Services

For any shop or office, relocation must be fast, competent, and budget. We follow all these rules precisely. Our company has years of experience in the moving field. Working for a while in Seattle, we have learned all local specifics. Now, it allows us to complete orders quicker and safer than anyone else.

All-Inclusive Offer

Some commercial movers in Seattle, WA perform their job partly. While working with us, you do not have to worry about anything. Every step is our responsibility.

An offer includes:
• strict scheduling & planning;
• careful packing and disassembling items;
• fast and reliable transportation;
• unpacking and assembling belongings at the destination.

No stress, worries, or extra fees.

Seattle Office Moving Services

We provide an all-inclusive office moving in Seattle. Do you need a highly accurate team? With us, you achieve that. Our movers are highly experienced in dealing with different cases and trained by our company.
We know how much your working time costs. With strict planning, everything is completed on time. It does not matter how far you move, our precise schedule will make it a short-term activity. In the process, you always know where your belongings are. Just call one of the movers and get the information you need.
In offices, there are so many tiny details and furniture that can be easily lost. With our packing system, even the smallest parts arrive in order. Every member of the team treats your belongings like their own, and every small part will arrive at the destination safe and sound.

Shops & Stores Moving

Many shop owners just don’t trust movers and have difficulties with choosing the right company. Seattle Moving Services is a licensed contractor worthy of your trust. All services are provided under the agreement terms. A bill of lading is an essential part of every order for us.
Since 2015, we have completed more than 1,000 removals perfectly. We have met quite complicated cases and learned to solve them timely. Many satisfied clients left their feedback, and our team is glad to have 5-stars testimonials from them.
No relocation is too large for us. You can order the most suitable vehicle from our wide fleet.

• A small 16’ truck is OK for a small office.
• A medium 22’ truck fits a small shop.
• A large 26’ truck is good to transport a store with a big number of belongings.

If you are not sure about which one fits the best, call our managers and receive advice.

Packing And Transporting

Shops and offices have many electronic devices that require special attention. Our experienced team provides it every time. Proper packing is an essential part of transportation, and we complete it every time. We choose the safest way to wrap fragile items.
The same with office furniture moving in Seattle. Every step of the process is under control. From disassembling the furniture to loading it to a truck and putting decorations on the new office’s walls. You do not have to rush, Seattle Moving Services delivers you a stress-free move.
That all is not only about words. All parts of the equipment are listed and marked. In the process, movers check this list to be sure that everything is in its place.

Safety On Top

Here in postCovid, safety is a must. We care both about our clients and workers.

• All movers are wearing face masks and gloves.
• Trucks are cleaned before every order.
• We follow all recommendations of WHO and CDC.

Other Services

Do your company employees need a house relocation? We provide residential moving services of high quality. Movers know Seattle perfectly, which makes relocation even more comfortable and safe.
If you are ready to make an order, fill the form and get a quote on our website. Match the date and the time you expect to spend. Also, you may call or write an email. Soon we’ll contact you for details and start planning commercial moving in Seattle, Washington.

None cup is broken!

Keep calm! Your belongings are in good hands. Seattle Moving Services will take out insurance for your property. Even grandma's favorite set will remain safe and sound.

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