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Moving studio from Seattle downtown to Bellevue downtown

Cost: $400 Timeframe: 3 hours Date: 26 Aug 2020

Every relocation is different from the other one. Each flat or household has certain specifics. So, there is no ideal moving to imagine or tell about it. With every new order, our managers solve a unique case. Sometimes it is easy, sometimes not.

We believe that professional management can eliminate any problem. In this blog, we are writing about unique moves and ways of solving tasks that appeared in the process.

A Request

Not so long ago, we received an order from Kelly, who lived in Seattle’s downtown. She was moving to Bellevue downtown. A location was standard: a studio with a usual amount of stuff. Some of the biggest things were:

  • an open-up sofa;
  • a medium-sized refrigerator;
  • an athletic track.

The only complicated thing was in the timing. Kelly’s studio location was in a crowded district with lots of transport and citizens. It meant that we had to complete relocation faster than usual. Somehow, we could get fined or get stuck in traffic congestion.

A Performance

  1. To transport everything, a 16’ truck was enough. It took about 50 minutes to pack belongings. The most complicated part was athletic track transportation due to its size and weight. Movers disassembled the sofa to simplify carrying. All small things were placed in boxes and labeled.
  2. Next, movers transported items from Kelly’s residence on the 7th floor to our truck waiting outside. For 20 minutes more, they have been placing a sofa, a refrigerator, and a track, then fixing them properly. They cared about fixing boxes reliably with tie-down straps. Kelly helped us and reserved elevators and parking lots, which allowed movers to carry items with no restrictions. After checking all belongings were there, a driver set off to Bellevue.
  3. A road from Seattle downtown to Bellevue downtown takes from 20 to 30 minutes. With proper management, it was easy to pick the right time and spend a minimum of time. While her belongings were driving to a new home, Kelly got there by herself. She could constantly see where our crew was.
  4. When we arrived, there was a parking lot for a crew already. In about 40 minutes, we took all the baggage out and uplifted it to the 9th floor, where the new flat was. For the next 30 minutes, we were reassembling the sofa, some cupboards, and checking boxes.
  5. A final thing to do was moving some furniture to the correct places. Then we checked all belongings were there once more. The average time was 3 hours.

This operation required strong time management and great teamwork. Luckily, our skilled crew could do this. Kelly was pleased with the services received, especially with the speed and accuracy.

We are proud to be flexible and comfortable for clients. So, if you have some special requests with your relocation, please tell us. Specialists from Seattle Moving Services solve different cases effectively and economically.

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Moving report

Our mission at Seattle Moving Services is simple: to provide high-quality services for our valued clients. Our team goes above and beyond to cater to each project’s specific needs

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Emma S.
Local Moving (under 50 miles)

I ordered the transportation of furniture. Everything is fine. Company guys were really polite, neatly brought / took out things. Will recommend it to everyone. Thanks!

Local Moving (under 50 miles)

I ordered the transportation of furniture. Everything is fine. Company guys were really polite, neatly brought / took out things. Will recommend it to everyone. Thanks!

Local Moving (under 50 miles)

The most positive experience from the services of this company: punctuality, attentive neat loaders. All furniture was delivered safe and sound. In case of a new move, I will contact them again.

None cup is broken!

Keep calm! Your belongings are in good hands. Seattle Moving Services will take out insurance for your property. Even grandma's favorite set will remain safe and sound.

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